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Wellbuilt for Wellbeing

Wellbuilt for Wellbeing


Wellbuilt for Wellbeing

American Institute of Architects convention, Philadelphia, 2016

Wellbuilt for Wellbeing is a research collaboration between the GSA, University of Arizona, and Aclima. It aims to investigate the effects of the physical work environment on physiological health outcomes. I designed this exhibition for the AIA 2016 convention in Philadelphia. Out of 800 exhibitors, it was awarded best in show for the small booth category.


Booth in Context - Our exhibit booth occupied one of the most inaccessible portions of the convention floor. There were over 800 exhibitors in the 3 day convention.

Immersive Questions - Can the built environment enhance the wellbeing of its occupants? That's one of the questions from this research collaboration between the GSA, the University of Arizona, and Aclima Inc.

One setting, Many Narratives - Inspired by theater design, the booth incorporated a mixture of media, creating a unique experience that entertained and educated the audience about the research study.

Environmental Narratives - This interface enabled booth presenters to change the sensory experience in real-time. Scenes could be easily switched and augmented with animated data overlays.

Overlays on the Fly - This is one example of 15 data overlays. In the middle of any simulated environment, animations of relevant information provide additional context.